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Scientell has successfully completed hundreds of projects, many of which represent repeat business with satisfied clients. We’ve worked with federal, state and local governments, universities and research centres, industry and NGOs, academic associations and professional societies,
in Australia and overseas.




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Our clients trust us to

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Present often complex technical and scientific information clearly and accurately

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Help them demonstrate their competence, relevance and research impact

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Help communicate their strength, values and contributions to society, science research and the environment

What our clients say

Electricity networks

Electricity Networks Australia

It was a pleasure working with Scientell, the delivery was seamless and I appreciated the friendly and accommodating engagement throughout the project.

Jugal Bhatt – ENA

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

In government we often work within tight timelines. Scientell's flexibility and independence was extremely valued.

Alison Farrar – Community & Partnerships Program Officer, Barwon South West

Melbourne Water

Scientell did a great job in keeping me informed of the project process and always clearly confirmed next steps.

Mary Catus-Wood – Community Education and Capacity Building Manager

Ecological Society of Australia

Scientell work closely with the Ecological Society of Australia to communicate to the public the importance of our members’ research in understanding our natural world, and informing environmental policy and biodiversity conservation. In addition, through focussed skills based training, Scientell are helping us to increase the ability of ecologists to become more effective science communicators.

Dr Euan Ritchie – Media Working Group

Griffith University

Simon and Paul ran the online forum CoastExchange for the coastal adaptation community in Australia on behalf of NCCARF. For over a year, they were unfailing in producing interesting, sometimes provocative and always relevant, weekly content for the forum. They never missed a deadline.

Professor Jean Palutikof – Director, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility

Australian Council of Learned Academies

Scientell have helped ACOLA on a few projects now and have easily become our first choice partner for communications. Whether writing our book or making promotional videos, Paul and Simon are easy to work with, make technical content easy to understand, and deliver exceptional results. Their versatility and professional approach to addressing our needs keep us coming back.

Dr Angus Henderson – General Manager, Secretariat

Australian Antarctic Division

Scientell professionally facilitated our workshops via Zoom. The resulting report summarising the workshops, which Scientell both wrote and designed, distills complex scientific terminology into an engaging and user friendly document which is proving a valuable resource for the AAD in understanding the future needs of the Antarctic science community. I would highly recommend Scientell and look forward to working with them again.

Eliza Grey, Director Senior Communications Officer – Davis Aerodrome Project

History Council of Victoria

Scientell provided a remarkably prompt, thorough, insightful and moderately priced report which was exactly what we had hoped for, and more.

Professor Peter McPhee – Chair


We write and design reports and brochures, and provide media communication support

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Research agencies & universities

We provide training and advice, and produce a range of attractively designed publications.

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Professional associations

We write and design reports and brochures, and provide support for media coverage