Science writing and science communication courses

Scientell is experienced at running workshops and courses to improve your skills in science communication. Our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs, keeping your target audience in mind. Our courses can also be tailored to a specific science communication method, including science writing, infographics or social media.

We offer short courses, half-day courses, full-day courses and multi-day courses. Our courses include course content, interactive activities and feedback sessions. We can provide a course manual, background resources, personalised support, lots of advice and tips, hands-on experience and individual feedback.

Science presentation and visualisation courses

Presenting well and communicating science in a compelling manner are skills that are needed in many areas of academia and business. Yet many people find it daunting to present or communicate their science and have little experience. Scientell is experienced at providing advice on how to improve your skills in technical and scientific presentations. We can also improve your skills in using visuals by providing PowerPoint advice and training on the use of infographics.

If you need help improving your science communication skills, please get in touch.