Science education

Scientell develops and implements education activities such as writing and designing textbooks, creating classroom resources, contributing products towards National Science Week, conducting international science shows and writing educational and fun science books for children.

At Scientell we’re passionate about contributing towards a love of science in the younger generations. We love to see children embrace and delight in science, and hopefully pursue a career in STEM. Scientell co-directors Simon and Paul have published many popular science books for children.


Innovatively written and designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of students, the three Amazing Science books cover the complete Australian science curriculum for each of Years 7, 8 and 9.

Classroom resources

Education kit: Scientell wrote and designed a comprehensive school education kit for smartphone game. The resource kit provided learning activities that link applications of Placemaker, a smartphone game, to the Victorian curriculum for primary and secondary school students.

Science club lesson plans: Scientell developed a series of hands-on activities for students on atmospheric science and weather.Science education

National Science Week

Scientell developed a booklet of activities and ideas to inspire libraries to participate in National Science Week.

International science shows

Scientell presented a series of hands-on science shows to primary and secondary students at the Velammal International School in Chennai, India.

Other publications 

Imagining the Future: Written in an engaging style for young people, Imagining the Future: Invisibility, Immortality and 40 Other Incredible Ideas is a best seller that hooks the next generation on science and mathematics by teaching them to dream big, believe in their ability to make dreams a reality, and turn science fiction into science fact.