Science education

Scientell works in the education space through a number of channels.


Innovatively written and designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of students, the three Amazing Science books cover the complete Australian science curriculum for each of Years 7, 8 and 9.

Classroom resources

Education kit: Scientell wrote and designed a comprehensive school education kit for smartphone game. The resource kit provided learning activities that link applications of Placemaker, a smartphone game, to the Victorian curriculum for primary and secondary school students.

Science club lesson plans: Scientell developed a series of hands-on activities for students on atmospheric science and weather.

National Science Week

Scientell developed a booklet of activities and ideas to inspire libraries to participate in National Science Week.

International science shows

Scientell presented a series of hands-on science shows to primary and secondary students at the Velammal International School in Chennai, India.

Other publications 

Imagining the Future: Written in an engaging style for young people, Imagining the Future: Invisibility, Immortality and 40 Other Incredible Ideas is a best seller that hooks the next generation on science and mathematics by teaching them to dream big, believe in their ability to make dreams a reality, and turn science fiction into science fact.