Scientell is committed to operating in an environmentally sustainable manner. We minimise the impact of our activities on the environment.

Our environmental sustainability is achieved primarily by minimising waste and ensuring we operate efficiently by:

  • offsetting our travel when flights are unavoidable
  • reducing to a minimum all printing, and using double sided printing;
  • recycling the minimal paper and packaging used in the business;
  • reducing transport-related greenhouse and air pollution emissions through use of local facilities;
  • offsetting energy consumption through the use of a 1.5 kW rooftop photovoltaic array;
  • use of LED and compact fluoro lights;
  • reducing travel-related greenhouse emissions by use of public transport wherever practicable; and
  • purchasing locally produced products.

We are also currently developing a Scientell team emissions reduction plan to further understand how we may reduce our environmental impact.

Furthermore, much of Scientell’s work is in support of government departments involved in regulation, management, environmental policy setting and monitoring; and for agencies such as CSIRO and Cooperative Research Centres engaged in environmental research.