Animations for Questacon’s Born or Built exhibition

Scientell worked with Questacon, gramma communications and Animate your Science to plan, write, and develop a series of animations as part of Quesatcon’s Born or Built exhibition.

Client: Questacon – the National Science and Technology Centre

Audience: Young people and other visitors to Questacon interested in finding out more about the subjects raised in the Born or Built exhibition.

Questacon’s exhibition examines the similarities and differences between humans and machines, explores our overlapping shared future, and questions the choices we will make to get there.

Scientell worked with gramma communications ( and Animate Your Science ( to develop eight animations that delved deeper into the concepts communicated through Questacon’s hands-on
exhibits. Animation topics included explanations of CRISPR genome-editing technology, uploading your brain into a computer, and exploring the ethical and privacy issues raised with advancing machine intelligence.

The animations explored how the line between humans and technology is becoming increasingly blurred – we are creating machines that are more human-like, and we use technology to enhance our own bodies and lives.

Innovative Features

The entertaining, engaging and creative animations used 2D and 3D illustrations to communicate compelling stories. Questacon presented the animations on touch-screens beside the exhibits. They covered information complementary to the exhibits, including background on the science, ethics and philosophy of robotics.