Communication support for Hydro Tasmania’s Towards Net Zero project

Scientell helped Hydro Tasmania develop its action plan to journey towards net zero emissions, including collecting data on current and planned initiatives, determining the key actions required to reduce emissions and track progress, and producing a range of supporting communication materials.

Client: Hydro Tasmania

Audience: Hydro Tasmania Towards Net Zero project team and Tasmanian government, industries and interested members of the public.


In July 2023, Hydro Tasmania launched its action plan to journey towards net zero emissions. Scientell worked closely with Hydro Tasmania to collect data on its current and planned emissions reduction activities and used this data to develop the company’s action plan.

Scientell also assisted Hydro Tasmania in communication planning and in developing products and content around the lead-up to and launch of the action plan.

The action plan outlines initiatives and activities to help Hydro Tasmania redefine how it generates, distributes and consumes electricity. The first target along the company’s ongoing journey is to reduce reportable scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025 and quantify scope 3 emissions.

The action plan is based on 5 key actions: reduce emissions where possible; plan for change; purchase renewable energy; offset the remaining emissions; and build awareness and support others.