ACT State of the Environment report for young people

Scientell worked with the Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and Environment to transform the ACT’s State of the Environment report into an educational resource, with accompanying infographics, suitable for lower secondary students. We also produced a series of worksheets for primary students based on the ACT State of the Environment.

Client: ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment

Audience: Secondary (Years 7–9) and primary (Years 3–6) students

Scientell produced 3 products suitable for young audiences based on the 2019 ACT State of the Environment report. We distilled each chapter succinctly for a younger high school audience (Years 7–9). A ‘what you can do’ section, showing how everyday actions can support caring for the environment, tailored the chapters for an ACT high-school audience. A ‘try this at home’ section included science experiments relating to each topic.

Scientell also produced a series of activity worksheets aimed at primary (Years 3–6) students. These worksheets contained a short summary of the relevant chapter’s information (general information and trends observed in the ACT) and a series of interactive activities – including a hands-on activity, puzzles and activities, and an activity investigating environmental data. The data for each of these activities were related to, or were from, the report, to help draw links between real world observations and the information in the report.

The Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and Environment worked with a web designer to produce interactive webpages from the student-focussed versions of the report. These web pages have links between chapters, words with pop-up definitions, downloadable worksheets and images.

Innovative Features

Scientell produced infographics relating to the ‘what you can do’ and ‘try this at home’ sections, to add another level of engagement. The infographics summarise the main messages for the target audience.