Scientell works with expert videographers and designers to create informative and compelling videos to help your science achieve its maximum impact.

We apply our video and storytelling expertise, and science communication skills, to produce compelling scripts and narratives which are then applied to high quality, engaging videos. Videos are tailored for websites, launches, media and social media platforms. Videos are often supported with animation elements or illustrative stock footage, which helps to make complex material resonate with target audiences.

Scientell’s practical support includes:

  • Identifying narratives and key messages
  • Planning video structure
  • Developing script and contents
  • Managing all aspects of production, including recommended hardware and software
  • Assisting with product distribution.
  • During COVID travel restrictions we guided researchers and experts to record themselves with enough video and audio clarity to allow us to create high-quality videos using remote footage. Post-COVID, we again offer a professional video recording service.


Animations have increasingly become a powerful communication tool for complex scientific concepts. Working closely with our clients, we drive and manage the development of animations through our trusted animation partners. Our animation collaborations are creative and concise, ensuring complex scientific and technical information is easy to understand and engaging.


Scientell is experienced at producing infographics that communicate complex science in a visual and clear manner. We distil information into bite-size graphics and short text snippets so that readers can quickly absorb the key messages. We work with designers to provide a professional and polished product.


We regularly work with professional designers who specialise in science design and illustration. Our designers elevate a Word document of text to a whole new level. The Scientell team oversees the design process, ensuring quality control and offering science communication suggestions to ensure information is presented as accessibly as possible.

Social media and media liaison

Scientell specialises in distilling complex information into a clear, easy to understand, succinct format. We know that effective social media requires bite-sized, impact-focused information that targets the broadest audience possible.

Social media strategy and social media content development

Scientell can create social media strategies that map out the best way to target your audience, and then produce the social media content that will help your research reach a wider audience.

Social media and media liaison for events

Scientell also produces social media content for research, events and launches. We can help you reach a wider audience by writing targeted and compelling social media content, and through media releases that we distribute through media contacts.

We have used social media as part of several communication campaigns, including for environmental and scientific societies.


Scientell applies our storytelling and science communication skills to work to produce compelling audio on science, technology and environmental topics.

Science podcasts can be a practical way to get key research findings and messages to an audience on the move. Podcasts have grown in popularity due to the ability to listen to them while in transit, in the car or on a walk. This provides a flexible and low-cost option to communicate your science.

Our services include:

  • Identifying narratives and key messages
  • Planning podcast structure
  • Developing script and contents, which will often take the form of edited questions and answers during a friendly interview
  • Managing all aspects of production, including recommended hardware and software
  • Assisting with product distribution

Podcasts can be presented in interview, Q&A, instructional or storyline format. With the flexibility afforded by audio-only production, podcast participation can be as simple as accepting a phone call.