Scientell offers a variety of facilitation services, including in-person and online workshops, conferences, meetings, and keynote lectures.

Events are a great way to engage a group of people in conversations about your research and its implications. They can encourage knowledge sharing and create an environment for generating ideas, making decisions, or setting priorities.

A well-run workshop, meeting or conference can ensure your event is successful, enjoyable and efficient. At Scientell, we have extensive experience facilitating large and small events, including international conferences, in-house workshops, and online webinars. Our staff are knowledgeable and personable facilitators who create an engaging environment.

Science workshop facilitator

The Scientell team can work closely with clients to plan engaging workshops with efficient agendas. We can suggest workshop invitation wording and participant lists, and develop pre-workshop background and information to ensure informed discussions.

We can coordinate and facilitate the workshops onsite or online, maintain the schedule, encourage all participants to contribute, guide break-out sessions, and ensure that workshop aims are achieved. We are skilled at encouraging conversation from all participants, running engaging discussions, and keeping the group on time.

We also evaluate the success of workshops and can produce outputs such as summary reports of the workshop discussions and publicly accessible, attractive fact sheets synthesising key findings.

Scientell is proficient in various online tools to create an engaging online experience.

Conference facilitation or MC

The Scientell team is experienced at facilitating and MC’ing conferences and events to ensure events run smoothly. We work with clients to thoroughly prepare for the day, including designing effective agendas and ensuring the use of appropriate technologies.  

Scientell can also act as a panel host or session facilitator during science conferences. Our science backgrounds enable us to stimulate and progress conversations and questions while keeping the event on time.