Hands-on science shows in India

Client: Velammal International School and Kids Unlimited

Audience: Primary school students, high school students, science teachers

Scientell presented a series of hands-on, audience-participatory, entertaining science shows with a focus on climate, weather and the environment. Working with Melissa Lyne and through Kids Unlimited, we presented more than 25 shows to primary and secondary students at the Velammal International School in Chennai, India.

The school engaged Kids Unlimited to support their expansion and introduce a more progressive Western approach to learning.

The series of science shows provided students with an engaging, unique and exciting learning experience based on Australian education and teaching styles. It also enabled teachers to interact with and observe an Australian approach to education.

Scientell’s presentations drew on activities prepared by Scientell and published in Zap! Amazing Science Experiments and Weather and Air activities.

Innovative Features

In addition to inspiring students with participatory activities, we conducted team science challenges to engage the students, provide an environment where the students needed to work in teams to solve problems, and prompt them to think creatively to discover innovative ways to succeed.