The science of communicating science

Looking for the ideal Christmas gift for a science communicator, budding or experienced, or for anyone interested in science and its applications and promotion? Look no further. Science communication guru Craig Cormick has distilled decades of his own experience and findings from hundreds of academic papers and other publications to write the book on the subject.

Craig is a former president of the Australian Science Communicators and has expertise in communicating vexed issues. When he speaks, practitioners listen. His readable and entertaining book begins with the basics, including a recommendation to ditch the so-called deficit model, which suggests that people have ‘wrong’ attitudes to science and its benefits because they lack the necessary information. He goes on to describe important communication tools, including traditional and social media, and presents his advice for communicating controversies.

Craig urges readers to ‘Go and do brilliant things’. By reading The science of communicating science, they are likely to be inspired and well equipped to do just that.

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