Alysha Huxley

Science communicator

Alysha Huxley is a science communicator who joined Scientell in 2020. She is a passionate science writer with experience creating content for websites, brochures, media articles, reports and strategies. Alysha manages the creation of infographics, videos, and animations, using engaging visual formats to communicate complex science messages.

Alysha is experienced at project management and initiating and cultivating strong relationships with clients.

An experienced science presenter, Alysha has often spoken on ABC radio about scientific breakthroughs and has been published in local newspapers.

Before working with Scientell Alysha completed internships with the Latrobe Valley Express, the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub, the Conversation Media Group, and the Climate Media Centre in Melbourne. Alysha has had her work published in CISRO’s ECOS, local Gippsland papers and through Monash’s Mojo News.

Alysha has a double degree from Monash University in environmental science and journalism.