Small but mighty: why passion in small companies works for big clients

Small but mighty: why passion in small companies works for big clients

Size matters when it comes to science communication companies.

While many researchers, institutions and government departments might find it appealing to contract large companies because of their perceived reputation and resources, working with smaller science communication companies can lead to more bang for your buck.

Small science communication companies work very differently compared with their bigger counterparts, and while some may see this as a limitation, it can be a major strength.

But why?

1. Your work is important to us

Unlike larger science communication companies that might juggle dozens of clients, every client in a small company’s portfolio is special. Clients are more than just customers, but valued collaborators and partners.

This means more time for discussion to help understand the needs and vision for each project. We can focus on pursuing areas that we’re passionate about to ensure that each project is infused with the creativity, detail, and scientific accuracy that it deserves.

2. Speed and flexibility

Smaller, tight-knit teams can be more adaptable when it comes to quickly responding to changes in milestones and deadlines. There aren’t dozens of departments or a multitude of protocols to follow, which can lead to greater flexibility to respond to short deadlines and last-minute changes.

3. Transparent communication

Since small science communication companies generally work on fewer projects at a given time, each client is kept regularly informed about project progress. We have a better understanding of our capabilities as a team, meaning we can outline realistic timeframes and deliverables to ensure that we meet expectations.

4. Affordability

Small science communication companies can often provide high-quality services at competitive prices, making them more accessible to individuals and organisations with limited budgets. 

5. Passion-driven

We’re passionate about making science more accessible and engaging. Invoicing a client is not the main reason we do what we do. Money doesn’t dictate our strategic plans because we’re in this field for our love of science communication as a craft, and this reflects in our quality of work.

6. More personal

Small science communication companies know the value of repeat clients, and because of that, work hard to maintain great relationships with them. At Scientell, this sometimes means chatting with clients over lunch or a coffee, rather than sitting through formal meetings that can leave everyone feeling uninspired.

In summary, what small science communication companies lack in numbers is made up for in flexibility, transparency, affordability, more personal interactions, and our genuine love for the craft. In choosing collaboration over transaction, smaller science communication companies are proof that sometimes, the greatest impact comes from those with the smallest footprint.

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Date Posted:

April 25, 2024