Seven essential steps to effective communication

Seven essential steps to effective communication

Scientell is a science and environment communication business. We take complex, often technical information and present it in a compelling way for audiences such as policy makers. The product could be a brochure, report, book, website, video, or a traditional or social media campaign. Our aim is to maximise the impact of a client’s information.

Here are the essential elements of good communication that we have applied to many projects for Commonwealth and State Government departments and agencies, CSIRO, learned academies, businesses, universities and NGOs:

  1. Understand client’s needs
  2. Define the audience(s)
  3.  Fully understand the information and concepts being communicated
  4. With the client, decide on the mechanism for communication – often this will have been determined beforehand, but there may be potential for flexibility to maximise outcomes
  5. Engage closely with the client from beginning to end of the project to ensure that their needs are being met
  6. Include peer review as well as client review – accuracy is vital
  7. Review the project, and document and apply lessons learned.


Date Posted:

June 13, 2018