Writing and developing an innovative climate vulnerability guide

Scientell produced a user-friendly, interactive guide to assist local councils assess climate variability.

Client: South East Councils Climate Change Alliance (SECCCA)

Audience: Local governments and other organisations embarking on an asset vulnerability assessment (AVA) process, including decision-makers within councils, staff with operational responsibilities, and others who need to consider long-term investment to address climate change.

SECCCA completed an AVA project. Scientell worked with the team, including Science into Action, to produce a do-it-yourself guide for organisations to assess the vulnerability of their assets to climate change. The guide outlines the AVA project’s journey, including the initial planning and design, setting up the governance structure, data considerations and technical requirements, the right questions to ask, and other activities required to make such a project work.

The guide uses non-technical language to describe what worked and what didn’t. It explains the ‘why’ and the ‘how’, the background and the operating environment, and importantly the lessons learned. It provides the critical components for achieving a successful asset vulnerability assessment.


Innovative Features

Scientell worked with Soggy Brolly design to develop an interactive PDF format that recreated a field-based workbook. The design incorporates large tabs on the side of each page to help direct readers to sections of interest, a checklist of important steps with each point linking to the relevant section, a contents page that links to main sections. Key messages and important lessons learned are highlighted throughout.