Workshop facilitation

Scientell has worked with numerous organisations to organise, facilitate, and report on workshops of various sizes with between 5 to 50 participants.

Client: Australian Antarctic Division, CSIRO, Marine National Facility, Moreland City Council, Murray-Darling Basin Authority, St Vincent’s Institute, and others

Audience: Research community, government staff, politicians and decision-makers

Scientell works closely with clients to plan the workshops, provide suggestions on workshop invitation wording and participant lists, and develop pre-workshop background and information to ensure informed discussions. We can coordinate and facilitate the workshops onsite or online, maintain the schedule, encourage all participants to contribute, guide break-out sessions, and ensure that workshop aims are achieved. We also evaluate the success of workshops and can produce outputs such as summary reports of the workshop discussions and publicly accessible, attractive fact sheets synthesising key findings.

Innovative Features

Due to travel concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Scientell can quickly transform workshops into online sessions if required. We host using Zoom, Teams or other platforms, engage participants via video, manage online break-out rooms, and supply participants with worksheets to complete individually or in small groups.