Videos for the Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA)

Scientell produced a series of videos to promote ACOLA and its capabilities, and to generate new business for ACOLA and its constituent Academies.

Client: Australian Council of Learned Academies

Audience: Politicians and senior government officials, industry leaders, Academy Fellows, the public

Scientell worked with Stepping Stone films to produce a series of full HD videos. We project managed the video production, including writing interview questions, managing the subcontracted videographer, organising filming and editing, and producing transcripts.

We also prepared a marketing plan, setting out distribution methods including via social networks.

The videos included one two-minute version describing ACOLA and its workings; another two-minute video describing how ACOLA can work with clients, presenting as an example the Securing Australia’s Future project. There were also three 15-second versions suitable for use on social media. The videos were filmed (with two cameras) in Canberra and Melbourne, with cutaways and overlays using original and stock library footage.

Innovative Features

The videos included interviews with a range of high-profile academics representing ACOLA, the Australian Academies, and third-party endorsement. Interviewees included Prof. Ian Chubb, Former Chief Scientist of Australia; Ms Anna-Maria Arabia, CEO, Australian Academy of Science; Professor John Fitzgerald, President, Australian Academy of the Humanities; Dr Margaret Hartley, CEO, Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering; Professor Glenn Withers, President, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia; and Ms Navi Randhawa, ACOLA.