Victorian Coastal Council science panel report & brochure

Scientell produced a 32-page report entitled ‘Victoria’s coast and marine environments under projected climate change: Impacts, research gaps and priorities’ and an associated 8-page brochure.

Client: Victorian Coastal Council

Audience: State government, local government, Coastal Council members, coastal groups

The Victorian Coastal Council is a statutory body advising the relevant Minister on coastal issues in Victoria. The Council convenes a science panel to provide advice about Victoria’s coast.

Scientell summarised the findings from a workshop examining Victoria’s coastal and marine environments under future climate change scenarios. We added information provided by participants, interviewed researchers and searched the scientific literature to produce the detailed report and a summary brochure. The report and summary brochure included graphical elements and stunning photos to make the content attractive and accessible to the target audiences.

Innovative Features

The report identifies ‘hot spots’ of significant likely climate change impacts. These include more frequent and extensive inundation of low-lying areas, shoreline realignment and changed estuaries. The report also lists ‘sentinels’: changes that could imply thresholds or tipping points. Examples of these include species distribution shifts and spread of invasive species and diseases.