Securing Australia’s Future

Scientell synthesised 11 Securing Australia’s Future technical reports into a book published in printed and e-book versions by CSIRO Publishing.


Australian Council of Learned Academies (ACOLA) and CSIRO Publishing


This book provides a vision for the nation, for our politicians, public servants and industry leaders. It is a vital resource for members of federal and state parliaments, senior public servants, industry leaders and universities, with the e-book targeting interested members of the public.


The book distils the findings of all 11 studies and draws out a set of overarching findings on how to ensure Australia’s future prosperity. These include maintaining Australia’s strong education system, embracing Australia’s relationships in the Asia-Pacific region, and building industries of the future. The five thematic chapters are accessible, discursive, stand-alone essays, each containing information from across all relevant reports.

Innovative features

Scientell developed a process for distilling some 1 million words from the 11 reports into a 70,000-word book. Each chapter includes a ‘bullseye statement’ supported by six key messages designed to optimise Australia’s prosperity and place in the region, plus a scene-setting introduction that puts the chapter in the context of the whole book. The identified ‘golden threads’ can prepare Australia to address the challenges ahead and make the most of the opportunities.


Securing Australia’s Future: Harnessing Interdisciplinary Research for Innovation and Prosperity:


Launched in Canberra by Australia’s Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, in June 2017