Science communication support for the National Marine Science Committee

Scientell helped the National Marine Science Committee to edit and develop summaries of technical working group reports that address key recommendations from the National Marine Science Plan.


National Marine Science Committee


Policymakers, researchers, industry


The National Marine Science Committee (NMSC) promotes the essential role of high-quality marine science in developing Australia’s blue economy. It provides scientifically robust, user-relevant advice on marine issues of national significance to Australia.

The NMSC’s National Marine Science Plan 2015–2025 outlines the science needed to develop the knowledge, technology and innovation to support Australia’s marine ecosystems and grow our blue economy. Working groups under the NMSC produced technical reports to address key recommendations in the Plan.

Scientell worked with the NMSC to edit the technical reports to ensure they are clear, accurate and correct. We interviewed the report authors and wrote summaries for each technical report. The summaries present key messages from the technical reports in an accessible, concise and easy-to-read way.

We worked with Lightbox 42 to design the summaries and technical reports as a visually engaging set of reports. This included sourcing attractive photos and providing advice on figures.

Innovative features

Scientell developed concepts for a series of infographics to illustrate key concepts in each of the reports. We worked with Lightbox 42 to finalise the designed infographics aligned to the report style.



March 2023