Report on the changing climate and its impacts on Australia’s electricity networks

Scientell produced the client report Electricity networks: A guide to climate change and its likely effects. The report consolidates and presents the latest information on climate change and its likely effects on Australia’s electricity networks.

Client: Energy Networks Australia

Audience: Electricity network sector executives, board members, asset owners and managers, network planners, engineers and risk managers.

Energy Networks Australia engaged Scientell to develop an authoritative report that distils information about the changing climate and its likely effect on electricity networks. The report draws on information from scientific and industry publications, assessments and papers, and consolidates it into one easy-to-read document.

The information in the report helps the sector better understand and assess the risks from climate change, conduct scenario planning, and communicate the likely effects of climate change on networks with internal and external stakeholders.

Innovative Features

Based on information from the sector, the report describes the climate-related hazards that present challenges to Australia’s electricity networks. These challenges include physical damage to network assets and infrastructure, reduced network capacity, increased operational costs, unsafe conditions for network staff, changing customer demand patterns, outages and disrupted supply.

Electricity networks are largely managed at the state and territory level. The report includes dedicated sections on past and projected future climate conditions in each jurisdiction.