Report and videos for climate change workshop

Scientell documented an Australian – European Union (EU) bilateral workshop, producing a report and several videos that summarised information about climate adaptation knowledge platforms. 

Client: CSIRO and Climate Adaptation Knowledge Platforms (KE4CAP)

Audience: Climate adaptation researchers and decision-makers

CSIRO hosted a workshop in Aspendale, Victoria from 3–5 March 2020 for more than 50 Australian and international participants. Entitled Knowledge Exchange: Services and Science Supporting Climate Action, this EU-Australia bilateral workshop focussed on developing and using platforms (particularly web-based resources) to enhance climate intelligence and support climate action. The workshop aimed to share information between EU and Australia to support best-practice approaches to developing a national climate intelligence capability platform for Australia. 

CSIRO engaged Scientell to document discussions and produce a report summarising the lessons learned, identified good practice, and possible next steps for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction.

Innovative Features

Scientell interviewed five of the participating researchers, government decision-makers, and Indigenous partners to produce a series of
captioned one-minute videos summarising the impact of the National Environmental Science Program’s Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub.