Queensland climate change brochures

Scientell produced a series of brochures for the Queensland Government explaining the likely impacts of climate change for 13 regions across the state, including information on how best to adapt.

Client: Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, Queensland Government

Audience: Local government, state government, regional industry

The regional climate change impact summaries are based on the CSIRO and Bureau of Meteorology’s Climate Change in Australia data. These projections use both lower and high emissions futures modelling. The high emissions future (RCP 8.5) assumes business as usual or no curbing of greenhouse gas emissions. A lower emissions future (RCP 4.5) assumes a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The series of 8-page brochures describe current and projected climate. There are climate projections for temperature, rainfall and extreme weather such as hot days and fire weather. There are detailed sector-by-sector assessments of likely climate change impacts and potential responses.

Scientell undertook this project in collaboration with Bloom Communication and Rohan Hamden & Associates.

Innovative Features

We applied our extensive climate communication experience, as well as the advice from social scientists, by highlighting personal experiences and local examples; describing effective local action; emphasising local changes; and accentuating solutions.

As people interpret information in different ways, the brochures include text, breakout boxes, infographics, attractive photographs, and different graph styles.