NSW DPI agriculture emissions mitigation summary brochure

Scientell summarised a 170-page technical report about opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture into a 12-page reader-friendly brochure.

Client: NSW Primary Industries

Audience: Farmers, researchers, government decision-makers

Scientell helped the NSW Department of Primary Industries transform a 170-page technical report on Abatement opportunities from the agricultural sector in New South Wales into a reader-friendly communication product targeting non-technical audiences.

NSW Department of Primary Industries engaged Scientell to highlight important aspects of the report as a downloadable PDF, develop infographics, and design and finalise the brochure.

Management of native vegetation and soils offer some of the most effective sequestration activities from the land sector.

Innovative Features

Scientell worked with Hodge Environmental to identify data for a series of stand-alone infographics that clearly summarised opportunities for greenhouse gas reductions and carbon sequestration.