Melbourne Water Education Future Directions Plan

Scientell, in partnership with Science into Action, worked with Melbourne Water Education to create a Future Directions Plan to help guide the organisation’s education activities from good to great.

Client: Melbourne Water

Audience: Melbourne Water management and staff

Melbourne Water engaged Scientell and Science into Action to examine the organisation’s education programs and develop a Future Directions Plan to 2025 and an associated implementation approach.

Scientell undertook a desktop survey of education trends and reviewed Melbourne Water’s past and present education activities. We ran focussed discussions with Melbourne Water education staff and interviewed 16 internal staff and 4 external stakeholders to scope education’s definition, purpose, audience, priorities, reach, delivery style and areas for improvement.

Scientell worked with Melbourne Water to design and completed an online survey of another 30 Melbourne Water staff to provide further opportunity for staff to provide their ideas. The final plan included findings from the review, interviews and surveys. We had weekly contact with the Melbourne Water team and produced fortnightly reports describing progress.

Innovative Features

Scientell used a variety of consultation techniques and wider research, and drew on other expert advice, to produce a set of recommendations for the future of Melbourne Water’s education activities. By working effectively with partners we gained an understanding of the client’s domain to deliver a high-quality product that defines a path for education’s vital role in Melbourne Water.