Scientell wrote a series of feature articles that profiled Monash University’s expertise in interdisciplinary research to highlight their Masters course on Environment and Sustainability.


Monash University


Tertiary students, academic community, general public


Scientell worked with Monash University’s Strategic Marketing and Communication team and the managers of a new Masters course on Environment and Sustainability to identify current environmental issues relevant to the course that could be addressed by the university’s thought leaders to tell relevant stories.

Innovative features

We wrote a series of feature stories that showcased high-profile thought leaders at Monash University, including interviews with international colleagues to demonstrate research impact and reach. The stories took a stance on current issues, and highlighted the importance of interdisciplinary research and solutions.

Monash University promoted their new Masters in Environment and Sustainability using the course-relevant stories. The university distributed the features online and through the Outbrain content discovery platform, which supplies personalised content.



Published in October-November 2016