Ensuring coastal communities are SAFeR

Scientell worked with Rohan Hamden & Associates, Bloom Communication and the South Australian District Council of Mallala to develop communication materials for a Community Emergency Management Plan for Middle Beach, north of Adelaide.

Client: District Council of Mallala, South Australia

Audience: Community residents

The low-lying coastal community faces periodic flooding during high tides and king tides. Sea-level rise is likely to worsen flooding. The residents and council need to ensure everyone is safe during large flood events. The community came up with ideas for communication products to remind them of emergency procedures.

We contributed to a fridge magnet and poster highlighting what to do before, during, and after a flood emergency, with prompts and a short summary of each stage to keep actions front of mind.

Innovative Features

Working with the council and community, we developed two ideas to keep emergency procedures prominent to ensure people are safe during flood events. The first is a fridge magnet that provides a short summary of what to do at each stage of a flood emergency. The second is a complementary poster that can be attached to the back of the toilet door so householders, visitors and renters can keep up-to-date about what to do in the event of a flood.