Engaging stakeholders on climate change adaptation

Scientell helped NCCARF develop and launch the CoastAdapt discussion forum – called CoastExchange. Subsequently, Scientell maintained and moderated the site, regularly adding news items and writing and posting feature articles.

Client: The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF)

Audience: Coastal councils, and other local councils, people and agencies undertaking climate change adaptation activities.

Consultation with potential users of CoastAdapt (a coastal climate risk management tool developed by NCCARF) found a strong demand for peer-to-peer learning and advice through an on-line forum such as a community of practice.

Working with NCCARF staff, Scientell developed an online forum, CoastExchange. More than 200 registered users of the forum can contribute discussions on a wide range of topics relating to climate change and adaptation.

Innovative Features

In moderating the forum, Scientell posts news items daily and short feature articles weekly to prompt discussion and engagement. The forum includes regular sessions with a panel of adaptation experts who respond to user questions.