Editorial services

Scientell regularly edits scientific and technical documents to ensure they are well structured, clear and grammatically correct.

Substantive editing involves ensuring that the document construction is logical and follows publishing conventions. It also includes making sure the document has an optimal structure, content, language and style.

We edit text so that it is easy to follow, understand and is written in a way that is appropriate for the target audience.

When editing, we focus on grammar, style, clarity and consistency. There should be no repetition or irrelevant material. We ensure technical terms are explained and abbreviations defined. We check that all cited references are included, and that tables and figures are understandable and properly captioned.

Scientell can undertake quick turn-around editing, and we pride ourselves on delivering on time under tight deadlines.

Innovative features

Scientell creates a style sheet for each document that we work on to ensure consistency of terms used, capitalisation, spelling and other elements. We have developed check lists to ensure that all relevant components of the editing process have been completed.


Numerous clients have engaged our editing services, including CSIRO, EPA Victoria, Cooperative Research Centres, universities and the Australian Council of Learned Academies.