Conference workshop on creating engaging science visuals

Scientell ran a tailored half-day workshop at the Victorian Biodiversity Conference in February 2024.

Client: Victorian Biodiversity Conference

Audience: Victorian biodiversity research community, local government, decision-makers in the environmental space.


Our workshop was designed for science professionals looking to increase the impact of their science through visual products. From infographics to animations, videos to PowerPoint presentations, we presented tips and tricks to make science visuals accessible and engaging. While we explained ways to enable participants to create their own products, we also described how best to work with professional creators and to make the process most effective, reducing unnecessary costs.

Innovative Features

Scientell has developed in-house bespoke science visuals and has worked extensively with video, animation, and design professionals. The workshop allowing time for participants to spend time creating visuals and get tailored, on-the-spot feedback.