Communication support for the Alpine Resorts Coordinating Council Strategy

Scientell worked with MosaicLab to consult stakeholders and develop a 5-year strategic plan for the alpine resorts sector, Alpine Resorts Strategic Plan 2020: Responding to a changing climate. The process was led by the Alpine Resorts Coordinating Council on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Client: Alpine Resorts Coordinating Council (ARCC), Victorian Government’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

Audience: Alpine resorts stakeholders and businesses, State government, local government.

Scientell and MosaicLab combined our extensive communication and stakeholder engagement experience to create a unique approach to support the ARCC in developing the strategy on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Prior to regional workshops led by MosaicLab, which tapped into community and stakeholder wisdom, Scientell prepared fact sheets and documentation to ensure informed discussions.

Scientell distilled workshop outputs and relevant technical information into well-understood messages, to deliver an effective strategic plan that clearly and concisely highlights the core directions and actions.

The highly participatory and informed process ensured that stakeholders supported and are committed to the future strategic plan.

Innovative Features

Rather than developing a strategic plan and then seeking feedback, the consultative approach led to development of a strategy from the bottom up. The process provided stakeholders with ownership of the strategy, contributing to its development through a combination of on-line engagement and regional workshops.