Communication support for a national PFAS plan

Scientell contributed to the development of a national plan for the environmental regulation of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). We collated and distilled expert opinion on the topic, helped with drafting of the plan and with the associated stakeholder consultation.

Client: EPA Victoria, on behalf of the Heads of EPAs Australia and New Zealand (HEPA) and the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy

Audience: Australian environment agencies, Heads of EPAs, environment officers and consultants, members of the public concerned about PFAS

PFAS are persistent chemicals that have been used in applications such as firefighting foams and are problematic for human health and the environment.

Scientell prepared background papers for a national summit of regulators on the environmental regulation of PFAS held in April 2017. We documented summit discussions, distilled expert opinion, and helped write an initial consultation draft of the national plan. Throughout 2017, we helped EPA Victoria develop the national PFAS management plan. We participated in the extensive stakeholder consultation and engagement involved in finalising the plan.

The PFAS National Environmental Management Plan sets out a nationally consistent approach to the environmental regulation of PFAS, including the management of contamination and waste.

Innovative Features

Production of the plan was a major collaborative effort that involved extensive stakeholder engagement, including documenting more than 100 written submissions. There was a five-day round-Australia trip, which included meetings in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth. There were also meetings in Hobart, Adelaide and Melbourne.