Communication strategy for the History Council of Victoria

Scientell developed a communication strategy for the History Council of Victoria to help raise awareness about the organisation, increase understanding of the importance of history, and encourage the inclusion of history advice into decision making and public discourse.

Client: History Council of Victoria

Audience: Victorian media, history practitioners, history academics, government, education departments and the public.

Scientell worked closely with the History Council of Victoria (HCV) to develop a communication strategy, identifying target audiences, objectives, messages, and practical communication tools and approaches, and evaluation.

Through interviews with past and present HCV Chairs and Executive Officers, Scientell developed insights into HCV’s niche within the historical landscape, their communication objectives and practices, what has worked and where there are gaps.

Scientell also conducted independent research to identify ways to expand media and communication activities. The resulting communication strategy aims to increase awareness about HCV and the importance of history, as well as increasing the council’s membership.

Scientell provided advice on developing a clear approach to communication activities, improving the HCV website, expanding awareness-raising and promotion activities, coordinating media liaison, increasing advocacy, continuing outreach to secondary and tertiary students, and structuring philanthropy and funding programs. Scientell also offered novel communication activity ideas and approaches.

Innovative Features

With extensive experience in science communication, Scientell was able to provide an external perspective on communication in the humanities sector. This enabled us to give independent advice to the HCV, providing ideas and initiatives from science communication to help the HCV and its members with communication activities.