Communication products for the NSW Health Infrastructure viral vector manufacturing facility

Scientell produced a suite of communication materials to help the NSW Government promote the launch of a commercial-scale viral vector manufacturing facility in western Sydney.

Client: Health Infrastructure

Audience: Industry and potential investment partners, NSW Government key stakeholders and influencers, researchers, interested public, families and the media.

Health Infrastructure engaged Scientell to develop the communication materials to support the launch of a commercial-scale viral vector manufacturing facility project. The objectives of the communication activities were to raise the public profile of the project to help attract partnerships and investment, ensure a coordinated approach and narrative that articulated the project benefits, and support those involved to confidently communicate about the project.


Scientell coordinated a team of specialist subcontractors (including design,

video and medical expertise) to develop a communication strategy, media contact list, key messages, frequently asked questions, a project summary and series of technical fact sheets, web content, media release, social media posts, infographics, videos, an analysis of relevant media, and a market engagement prospectus.

We participated in weekly client meetings to stay abreast of the facility’s development and provide updates on communication progress, worked collaboratively with NSW Health and Health Infrastructure communication and project staff, and ensured all messages and communication materials were reviewed by experts before approval

Innovative Features

As access to the facility was restricted due to COVID lockdowns, the Scientell team conducted online interviews to combine with stock footage and bespoke infographics to produce timely videos for the launch.