Communication, including animation, for bushfire health survey

Scientell helped the Australian national bushfire health and wellbeing survey team with report editing, preparation of a summary brochure and production of a summary animation.

Client: Australian National University

Audience: Policymakers, researchers, survey participants, public

The 2019–20 bushfires led to extensive mental health problems that persisted for more than 18 months after the devastating events.

The Australian national bushfire health and wellbeing survey, conducted by researchers at the Australian National University, documents the levels of psychological distress and resilience of more than 3,000 Australians directly and indirectly affected by the fires. The survey reveals how people and communities responded to the bushfires, with lessons for how Australians can better prepare for and manage future disasters.

Scientell helped the ANU team by editing and designing their detailed survey report. We then drafted and prepared an attractive 8-page summary brochure.

Finally, we distilled the main findings into summary points and worked with Animate Your Science to produce a compelling 2-minute animation.