Bureau of Meteorology infographics and Canva training

Scientell ran a training workshop for the Bureau of Meteorology and some of their affiliated Pacific Island National Meteorological Services. The workshop’s purpose was to upskill participants in visually communicating their climate and weather messages through engaging infographics made in Canva web design.

Client: Bureau of Meteorology

Audience: Bureau of Meteorology staff and Pacific Island National Meteorological Service staff


Pacific Island National Meteorological Services have a need to update their communities on the latest climate and weather information. These services seek to do this in a simple and engaging way but have had limited tools to do so. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology is supporting the Pacific Island National Meteorological Services in achieving their communications goals. One aspect of this support was to host a workshop to upskill participants on how to visually communicate their science, and how to use Canva web design to create effective infographics.

Scientell ran 2 workshops for the Bureau of Meteorology that had a focus on effective and succinct science communication, clear and engaging visual design, and how to use Canva for beginners and those looking to take their skills to the next level.

Scientell produced a 4-page brochure with tips and tricks on how to generate the best infographics using Canva as a quick reference for participants.

Innovative Features

Ensuring that science is communicated in various ways is critical due to the different ways people digest information. At Scientell we encourage effective and engaging design of science communication products and can help clients learn to do this themselves in programs such as Canva.