Amazing Science secondary school science textbooks

Innovatively written and designed to appeal to a wide spectrum of students, the three Amazing Science books cover the complete Australian science curriculum for each of Years 7, 8 and 9.


Oxford University Press


Secondary school students throughout Australia, particularly targeting students disengaged with science


The books deliver a simple, highly engaging learning experience. Using a visually attractive magazine style, Amazing Science introduces students to key scientific terms whilst relating them to their day-to-day lives. We wrote the books with a strong understanding of our audience and their needs and included the very latest Australian and international research.

All material has been thoroughly reviewed by scientists and practicing teachers.

Innovative features

Amazing Science uses magazine-style content with the aim of delivering a simple, highly engaging learning experience. Each chapter is comprised of highly engaging spreads featuring stunning images, with content succinctly linked to the curriculum, and incorporating questions to check understanding.

‘Ask a scientist’ feature boxes in every book introduce students to a diversity of young and dynamic Australian scientists from CSIRO, universities and research agencies. These features explain how current research is furthering scientific knowledge. They are supported by video interviews and worksheets available online.



Published in late 2015