Calendar photos bring ecology to life

Calendar photos bring ecology to life

The 2018 Ecology Society of Australia calendar features spectacular images of Australian flora, fauna, landscapes, coasts, skies and marine environments.

Many disciplines contribute to ecology and ecosystem science, with research delivering a wide range of economic and social benefits for Australia. Ecosystems provide the environments where we live, work and spend our leisure-time; the settings for our industry, agriculture, fisheries, tourism and resource extraction; and the distinctive plants and animals characteristic of the Australian continent.

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Dingo puppies in the Great Sandy Desert (Pilbara Region), WA. Photo by Bradley Smith.

The Ecological Society of Australia (ESA) is the peak association of ecologists in Australia, with over 1,200 members from all states and territories. Scientell provides media communication support to the society, and is a proud sponsor of the calendar.

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A weedy seadragon at Flinders Pier, Victoria. Photo by Richard Wylie.

The calendar features images from previous ESA photographic competitions, held every year with prizes for the best photographs of biodiversity, landscapes and ecologists at work. You can enter this year’s competition before it closes on 22 Oct.

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A flock of galahs in the Strzelecki Desert, SA. Photo by Christian Spencer.

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An echidna in the Australian Alps near Mt Twynam, NSW. Photo by Charles Davis.

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October 20, 2017