Science workshop facilitation and training 

Scientell offers a variety of workshop and meeting facilitation services, including in-person and online workshops, conferences, lectures and keynote speaker events. We also enjoy sharing our expertise through science communication training services. 



Workshops and events are a great way to engage a group of people in conversations about your research and its implications. 

A smoothly facilitated workshop, meeting or conference can ensure your event is successful, enjoyable and efficient, and encourage the sharing of knowledge and expertise or create the right environment for making decisions or setting policies.

At Scientell, we have extensive experience in facilitating large and small events, from international environmental conferences to in-house workshops to online webinars. Scientell team members are knowledgeable and personable facilitators who create an engaging, inquisitive and enjoyable workshop environment.

We can even organise delicious and inclusive catering, recommend and secure excellent venues, and advise on outstanding keynote speakers.  

Read about some examples of our science facilitation work here.



Presenting well and communicating science in a compelling manner are both skills that are needed in many areas of academia and business. Yet many people find it daunting to present or communicate their science and have little experience.

Scientell is experienced at providing technical and scientific presentations or science communication training courses for a range of audiences.

Our courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We can provide a course manual, background resources, personalised support, lots of advice and tips, hands-on experience and individual feedback.

If you need help with facilitation or training, please get in touch!