Science club lesson plans: Central Highlands Science Centre

Scientell developed a series of hands-on activities for Central Highlands Science Centre students on atmospheric science and weather.


Central Highlands Science Centre


Primary and secondary school students, instructors and teachers


The Central Highlands Science Centre (CHSC) in Emerald, Queensland, provides a program of science experiments for primary school students.

Scientell produced detailed lesson plans and hands-on activities for the CHSC Science Club, including run sheets, resource lists, student experiment handouts, instructor notes and storyboards. The experiments included ‘Why is the sky blue’, ‘Cloud in a bottle’, ‘Tornado in a bottle’, ‘Solar cooker’, ‘Do-it-yourself rainbow’, ‘Polarised light’, ‘The water cycle’ and ‘Wet sweat’.

Innovative features

Atmospheric science was one of a number of CHSC Science Club lessons featuring hands-on, entertaining activities that use easy to obtain resources from around the home or other materials that can be recycled from, or donated by, local businesses and organisations.


Central Highlands Science Centre (now ‘Outback Exploratorium):


February 2017