Science club lesson plans


Science club lesson plans

Scientell developed a series of hands-on activities for students on atmospheric science and weather.


Central Highlands Science Centre


Primary and secondary school students, instructors and teachers


The Central Highlands Science Centre (CHSC) in Emerald, Queensland, provides a program of science experiments for primary school students.

Scientell produced detailed lesson plans and hands-on activities for the CHSC Science Club, including run sheets, resource lists, student experiment handouts, instructor notes and storyboards. The experiments included ‘Why is the sky blue’, ‘Cloud in a bottle’, ‘Tornado in a bottle’, ‘Solar cooker’, ‘Do-it-yourself rainbow’, ‘Polarised light’, ‘The water cycle’ and ‘Wet sweat’.

Innovative features

Atmospheric science was one of a number of CHSC Science Club lessons featuring hands-on, entertaining activities that use easy to obtain resources from around the home or other materials that can be recycled from, or donated by, local businesses and organisations.



February 2017