Infographic development for environment information

Scientell worked with Hodge Environmental to develop infographics for an environmental consulting company to communicate complex information to industry and government.


Envisage Works


Packaging industry, waste recycling industry personnel, state government departmental staff, local government


Sustainability Victoria and the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia commissioned Envisage Works to produce a series of monthly information bulletins on waste recycling in Victoria. In addition, the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation commissioned Envisage Works to produce a national report on Australian packaging consumption and recycling. Envisage Works sought communication advice on improving the accessibility of the content for these reports.

Scientell established the key messages in close consultation with the client. This information drove the development of initial concepts for infographics. The infographics were then designed, with multiple opportunities for input and feedback from the client before finalisation.

Innovative features

Infographics have increasingly become a powerful communication tool for complex scientific concepts. Information is distilled into bite-size graphics and short text snippets. Readers are able to quickly absorb the key messages, which are easy to read and presented in an informative way.




August 2019