Council climate change brochure

Scientell edited a 70-page technical report and summarised it into a reader-friendly, attractively designed 12-page booklet about climate change and opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the Monash municipality in Melbourne.


Monash City Council


Monash city residents and community members (including Councillors and staff).


Scientell synthesised Monash Council’s 20,000-word Emissions Reduction Strategic Approach report into a 12-page booklet. The booklet summarised the report’s key findings, drawing out overarching messages and ensuring a greater impact in the community.

Development of the booklet included professional layout using attractive photographs and infographics designed to Council stylesheets.

After initial meetings and discussions with the client to establish the scope, aims and audience, Scientell developed the draft document, sought feedback and managed expert review, incorporated changes, and facilitated final approval of the designed booklet.

Innovative features

In addition to summarising the greenhouse gas emissions data and ideas on how to reduce emissions, Scientell developed background content on climate change to provide context to the information.



October 2019