Climate change stories for local newspapers

Scientell, in collaboration with the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub, writes several weekly newspaper columns for Monash University’s ‘Changing Climates’ project. The series of columns clearly and accurately interprets long-term climate data and relate these to hyperlocal weather conditions.


Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub (MCCCRH)


Local newspaper readers


Climate change communicationThis project initially included stories in Leader newspapers in 24 mastheads across metropolitan Melbourne, delivering localised climate change columns to 1.5 million readers every month. In 2020, the project expanded to Quest Community News in Brisbane. This project successfully shifted from a print to digital model in response to changes in the media landscape as a result of COVID-19. It continues to expand to regional areas in Victoria and New South Whales.

These hyper-localised columns discuss local weather patterns, relating these to longer-term climate trends shown via graphs and maps. The aim of the project is to increase the climate literacy of Australians, provide the public with information relevant to their community and equip them with the necessary information to make sustainable decisions.

Scientell works closely with the MCCCRH to ensure the columns are clearly written and scientifically accurate, have a consistent voice and style, and use interesting and engaging news hooks. Scientell has attended workshops and content planning days with the MCCCRH team, engages in regular meetings and provides ongoing feedback on the project.

Innovative features

Scientell is proud to contribute to Australia’s first dedicated climate column. Our climate change knowledge, scientific rigour and communication background bring a unique combination of expertise to this project.