Meet Sonia Bluhm

Ms Sonia Bluhm is a science communicator and knowledge broker with a love of distilling, interpreting and communicating complex scientific information to a range of audiences. She enjoys working closely with scientists and decision-makers to ensure research findings are communicated in a manner that can inform action, policies and management decisions.

Sonia is a senior science communicator for Scientell. Before starting with Scientell in August 2021, Sonia worked for the CSIRO Climate Science Centre as a knowledge broker and science communicator, primarily for the National Environmental Science Program’s Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub. In this role, she interpreted complex scientific information on climate change science and communicated it to a range of audiences through webinars, factsheets, brochures, web content and reports.

Sonia also has a decade of experience working on climate change science, adaptation and mitigation issues and policies for the Federal Government. She has experience in facilitating workshops and webinars, building strong and lasting relationships, and managing large research programs.

Sonia has a double degree in Science and Arts from the Australian National University, majoring in molecular biology and gender studies.