Our story

Paul and Simon met at the GREENHOUSE 1994 climate change science conference, organised by Paul in New Zealand and attended by Simon as a PhD student. Their paths crossed again in 1996 when Paul was communication manager for CSIRO Atmospheric Research and Simon started as communication manager for CSIRO Environmental Mechanics. A couple of years later, Paul suggested they write a science trivia book together, which was published by ABC Books in 1999.


Over the ensuing decade, Paul worked at CSIRO in Melbourne and Simon worked in Canberra, then England, and then also at CSIRO in Melbourne. As they worked their day jobs, they continued to write together in their spare time, with one book published each year on average. This efficient, spare-time writing and their collaborative work together at CSIRO laid the foundation for Scientell, which they founded in 2015.


Scientell now has completed well over 100 projects for a range of government, university, NGO and industry clients.